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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Warn of Doom in Dueling Speeches
The Sunshine State was treated to twin apocalyptic visions on Tuesday, when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both warned Florida voters in dark terms that the other candidate threatens the fabric of the nation. As the tone of the presidential campaign ...
'The other Donald Trump' is voting for Hillary ClintonCNN International
Poll: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton virtually tied in ArizonaCBS News
Trump calls Hillary 'a wonderful woman' in 2008 videoNew York Post
CNN -AL.com -GOOD Magazine
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Trump: Obama has to be 'investigated' over Hillary Clinton's email server
Washington Post
After all, Trump has kept ramping up his posturing against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, as she has continued to hold a strong lead in the upcoming election. Chants of “lock her up” were once sporadic at his rallies; now they're ...
Trump: Obama Should Be Investigated Over Clinton Email ServerHuffington Post
Trump says Obama is 'caught up in the big lie'because Clinton staff KNEW Hillary had emailed Obama from her secret ...Daily Mail

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Politics|Seizing on Rising Costs, Trump Says Health Law Is 'Over'
New York Times
Donald J. Trump, desperate for a winning political issue in the final two weeks of the presidential race, fiercely attacked Hillary Clinton on Tuesday over sharp premium increases that will hit some Americans covered under the Affordable Care Act. “The ...
What Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton have promised to do to ObamacareCNN International
Trump: Hillary pushing for socialized medicineWND.com

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Trump warns of World War III if Clinton is elected
(CNN) Donald Trump warned in an interview Tuesday that Hillary Clinton's policies as president to address the Syrian conflict would lead to World War III, arguing the Democratic nominee would draw the US into armed confrontation with Russia, Syria and ...
Trump: Clinton's foreign policy plan would start WWIIIBBC News
Trump: Hillary Clinton's Syria policy would 'lead to World War Three'Business Insider
Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton's Syria plan would start World War Three: Wednesday morning US election briefingTelegraph.co.uk
American Thinker -International Business Times UK
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Los Angeles Times

Campaign 2016 updates: Donald Trump had a chance to talk about bad news for Obamacare. He got distracted
Los Angeles Times
Scroll through your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and you're likely to be inundated with posts debating the policies of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Not surprisingly, more than a third of social media users, 37%, say they are ...
GOP candidates give up on Trump and run against ClintonPolitico
As Donald Trump falters, more Republicans say they'll block Hillary ClintonFirstpost

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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, World Series: Your Tuesday Briefing ...
New York Times
Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren at a rally on Monday in New Hampshire. The senator delivered a warning to Mr. Trump, saying that “nasty women ...

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Hillary Clinton has 32 offices open in Arizona. Donald Trump, um ...
Washington Post
Arizona is, suddenly, a swing state in the presidential election. How? Why? And can Hillary Clinton actually win? I reached out to the Arizona Republic's star ...

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Election law doesn't care if Trump (or Clinton) ever concedes
During the third presidential debate, and in speeches and tweets before and after, the Republican nominee has repeatedly hinted, if not outright declared, that he has no intention of conceding a lost race to Hillary Clinton. "I will look at it at the ...

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Washington Post

Trump's mixed-up version of the latest Hillary Clinton email controversy
Washington Post
“The man that was investigating her from the FBI, his wife runs for office, and they give her more than $675,000 to run. … It's absolutely disgraceful. It's absolutely terrible and it's unbelievable how Hillary Clinton got away with the email lie, the ...
Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton effectively gave to spouse of FBI official involved in email caseWashington Times
Trump: Hillary Ally Donating to FBI Agent's Wife Is a Criminal ActTownhall

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Hillary Clinton back in Broward; Donald Trump appears in Doral
Sun Sentinel
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both focused their campaigns Tuesday on Florida, one of the closest battlegrounds in the country. Appearing at a Broward College campus on the second day of in-person early voting, Clinton's 27-minute speech was ...

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